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Massage and Lymphatic Therapy for Pain Management.

Services And Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

All session follows the Structural Approach to Pain Management.


Relax Ortho-Swee : A relaxing Swedish session incorporating gentle orthopedic approach and hot stones to calm and relieve pain. Re-aligning and bringing muscles back into its resting and balanced position.

60 min ... $80

90 min ... $110

120 min ... $150


Deep Ashi-Fusion : This treatment involves a medley of modalities such as Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy, following an Orthopedic approach using Soft Tissue Release, Cupping and Warm Stones to rejuvenate the senses. 

Deep Tissue without the pain. While this treatment falls in the deep tissue category, I do not believe that massage has to hurt in order for it work.  If a person cannot relax due to the pressure then the muscles will only contract more as it fights against discomfort.  Sometimes we will find trigger points that will spasm and twitch and need release in which slow, methodic, myofascial pressure will be applied to soften the area.

A *60 minute session may not be sufficient time to address the whole body if there is focal areas that need attention.

 * If you are seeking more of an all over deep pressure trigger point therapy, I may not be the therapist for you as I use a more orthopedic / myofascial approach.

60 min ... $120

90 min ... $150

120 min ... $190


Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage is the modification of massage techniques to safely nurture the body of someone affected by cancer or its treatments such as:

* Fatigue and peripheral neuropathy

* Low blood cell counts or blood clots

* Bone metastases

* Radiation or surgery

* Removal of lymph nodes 

* Lymphedema or risk thereof

60 min ... $80

90 min ... $110

Those in active treatment receive $10off session.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphedema Relief  :   A gentle session for Lymphedema and Cancer care; focusing on reducing swelling caused by fluid build-up, relieving Lymphedema swelling resulting from Cancer treatments or when lymph nodes are removed/biopsied.  Fluid from the swollen area are moved towards lymphatic nodes to be drained out of the body using a slow, gentle rhythmic skin-stretching movements to avoid flattening the small lymph vessels.  Treatment is usually focused on one area of the body, typically either upper or lower extremities.

60 min... $100

90 min ... $130


Post-Surgical Care  :  To aid your body in recovery from Post-Op surgeries (Mommy Make-Overs, Lipo, Tummy Tucks) and other cosmetic, reconstructive, and medical procedures to relieve edema, lymphedema, and fibrosis.

*** This treatment is NOT the same as Incisional Draining; fluid will not be push out of any incisions. 

This is a beneficial treatment for those who have underwent mastectomy (or any breast reconstruction/removal) to help relieve tension resulting from surgery.

60 min... $120       Package 6.... $600

90 min ... $150      Package 6 ....$750


Wellness:  This session is for those that are NOT recovering from surgeries or living with Lymphedema.  Ideal for detoxing and overall wellness, to stimulate the body's natural lymphatic flow; managing auto-immune imbalances, remove metabolic wastes, reducing systemic inflammation.

60 min ... $100   

90 min ... $130




******   Coming Soon  ...   Body Sculpt & Contour 



Get Waisted   60min....$120    add-on 30min massage... $150     

Package 6 ..... $600    add-on 30min... $750

     Cavitation, Radio Frequency, and lipo laser for a slimmer waistline


Waist and Booty Combo   90min....$140    add-on 30min massage....$170

Package 6 .... $700     add-on 30min.... $850   

     Cavitation , Radio Frequency, Laser lipo and Vacuum


VIP Sculpting   90min...$170    add-on 30min massage...$200

Package 6  .... $850      add-on 30min....$1000  

     Cavitation, Radio Frequency, Laser Lipo, Vacuum, and Wood Therapy

     Stomach, back, booty lift and thigh cellulite treatment.



Outcalls are only available for Oncology and Lymphatic Drainage session for a minimum fee of $50 in addition to the session charge (additional 15 minute blocks at $20).  The outcall fee may be more depending on your location/distance.  Please connect with me to discuss your situation.









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